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TTC Delays: An Operational Style Dashboard

Last Update: February 4th, 2020.​

Tableau Dashboard

1) Project Goal

Project Goal
  • Visualize TTC delay data in an ongoing KPI monitoring / operational style dashboard.

  • This was done because it is vital for organizations like the Toronto Transit Commission to keep track of key performance indicators that are related to their efficiency and to customer experience.

2) Data Source & Preparation

Data Preparation

Data Sources

Data Preparation

  • Since the data was spread out over multiple Excel files covering multiple years, the files were first checked to determine whether the data structure was consistent for each one.

  • Then, the Python glob and Pandas libraries were used to go through each file and combine them into a single data source file.

  • The data was then enhanced by joining the TTC Subway Codes dictionary table with the data. 

  • Finally, the data was then imported into Tableau for visualization.

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