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TTC Delays Heatmap

Last Update: February 20th, 2020.​

Tableau Dashboard

1) Project Goal

Project Goal
  • We all know that rush-hour is usually the worst time to take the subway. But what quarter hour is the worst time to leave work? When do there tend to be the most delays? What about weekends? The goal was to answer these questions and more with this interactive heatmap visualization.

2) Data Source & Preparation

Data Preparation

Data Sources

  • Data is from the Toronto Government's Open Data portal:

  • Month-by-month result .xls files are from the "TTC Subway Delay Data" dataset.

Data Preparation

  • Since the data was spread out over multiple Excel files covering multiple months/years, the files were first checked to determine whether the data structure was consistent for each one.

  • Then, the Python glob and Pandas libraries were used to go through each file and combine them into a single data source file.

  • Finally, the data was then imported into Tableau for visualization.

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