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Aired TV / Video Pieces

A selection of my TV and video journalism work.

CBC News Network on Jan 09, 2024. | CBC Nova Scotia on Jan 08, 2024.

Artificial intelligence could help people in N.S. detect skin cancers earlier, study says

Reporter, writer and editor for pak, which was picked up and broadcast by CBC News Network afterwards to intro their follow-up interview. | Videography by Paul Poirier.

CBC Nova Scotia | Dec 22, 2023.

How grocery prices in N.S. compare to other provinces

Reporter & writer for original data explainer + mojo streeter videography. | On-cam videography & editing by Brian MacKay. Production by Emma Davie.

CBC Nova Scotia | Nov 14, 2023.

Why big Halifax landlords are reporting average rent increases above N.S. cap

Reporter & writer for explainer. | Videography by Brian MacKay, Rob Short & Dan Jardine. Editing by Brian MacKay

CBC Nova Scotia | Oct 04, 2023.

How youth can access gender-affirming care in Nova Scotia

Reporter & writer for explainer. | Videography by Rob Short. Editing by Dave Irish

CBC Nova Scotia | Aug 18, 2023.

Rental rates are rising faster in Nova Scotia than overall inflation

Reporter, writer & editor for pak. | Videography by Dave Laughlin and Paul Poirier

CBC Nova Scotia | Jun 16, 2023.

How firefighters from the U.S. ended up in Nova Scotia for the wildfire

Reporter & writer for explainer. | Videography & editing by Brian MacKay

CBC Nova Scotia | Jul 07, 2023.

Human waste behind E. coli issue in Lower Sackville's First Lake, report finds

Reporter & writer for pak. | Videography/editing by Brian MacKay

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